Declutter DC is a licensed and insured home and office organization firm utilizing decades of real-world experience setting up structural systems in countries around the globe to achieve an ideal work/ life environment. 

Managed by a former Diplomat for the US Government, Declutter DC brings high-level professionalism and culturally diverse methods to achieve excellence in home organization for discerning customers in the Washington, DC metro area. 

The mission of Declutter DC is to help individuals and businesses throughout the Washington, DC area establish an organized home or office once and for all by using a specialized and proven Japanese method of organization (the KonMari Method). Customers who carry out this method effectively do not see a relapse in untidy homes or work spaces and thus, are able to manage their daily lives with less stress, and clutter, as they move forward with their busy and well-designed lives. 


Working with Jenny was everything I hoped it would be and more. Her warmth and encouragement helped me shed a lot of clutter that I didn’t even know was weighing me down. She is clear and direct in her approach, and while she respected my opinions and my relationship to my belongings, she knew when to push me and the results were fantastic! I feel like my whole living space now “sparks joy” thanks to Jenny and her KonMari method, and I am now trying to spark joy in other areas of my life too. – Joey


home organizing

Declutter DC offers home organizing assistance to help people achieve a stress-free, aesthetically pleasing home environment that is filled only with items that bring them joy. No organizer approachers these sessions with the balance of diplomatic experience and KonMari training that Declutter DC brings to this work. 

Home organizing services are started with an initial phone consultation and one 5-hour organizing session. At the end of the first session, the client and Jenny assess the overall decluttering needs for the home and schedule additional sessions. Based on the schedule for the client, those services can range between 2 and 5 hours at a time. It is recommended that all sessions be scheduled to take place within 4 weeks of the initial session so that momentum can be harnessed for completion. Home assignments may also be given to the client in-between sessions when necessary, and Jenny is available for short check-in phone calls for clients who purchase multiple sessions. 

office organizing 

Declutter DC offers office organization services for employers who want to create stress-free, aesthetically pleasing work conditions to support their staff members to be able to work as productively and happily as possible. No other organizer approaches these sessions with the balance of diplomatic experience and KonMari training that Declutter DC brings to this work. 

Office organization services include an initial phone consultation, a one-hour workshop to review the principles of Declutter DC and the KonMari Method with the entire staff, and then individual sessions with each staff member whose office organization will be covered during the individual sessions. Follow up phone calls and/or sessions are available for additional cost. 

Online, workshops & trainings

Future areas of growth include location (Skype-based services, travel for sessions), contracts (government agencies, embassies, companies purchasing bulk packages for incoming/ outgoing staff members), audience size (leading in-person and online webinars and courses), and event-based services (speeches, host of gatherings, etc). 


"The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming, not for the person we were in the past." 

- Marie Kondo