Declutter DC helps individuals and companies throughout the Washington DC area establish organized environments once and for all using the KonMari Method, a specialized and proven process of organization. Customers who carry out this method effectively do not see a relapse in untidy homes or work spaces and thus, are able to manage their daily lives with less stress, and clutter, as they move forward with their busy and well-designed lives.  See below for our current service offerings.

home organizing

Create the Calm

This package will provide one afternoon of support to transform the most stressful area of your home into a place that brings you joy. 

  • One, 4-hour in-home session, applying the KonMari method to the category or area of your choosing

  • Detailed follow-up plan created to help you keep calm after we leave

Overthrow the Overwhelm

Experience sustainable change in your home and banish the clutter once and for all with this package that helps you create your ideal home.

  • Five, 4-hour in-home sessions, applying the KonMari method to your whole home

  • Custom timeline and checklist built to meet your goals throughout this process

  • Email, phone and text support in between visits to provide accountability

  • The ‘overwhelm analysis’ journal to help pinpoint clutter creators in your life

  • Sessions can be redeemed over a 3-month period to achieve success by the end of the program

Decluttering the District

Life is hectic these days.  Between the furlough and the start of Marie Kondo’sNetflix show my clients in DC are both more stressed out and more concerned with clutter than ever before.  To help busy people reach their goals of completing all steps of the KonMari Method, the Decluttering the District session is now open for people committed to using their evening hours to turn negative energy into their ideal home.

Please note that this option is only available for clients who live within DC. 


office organizing 

Declutter DC is also available to help your company apply the KonMari method to your workplace.  Contact us for more details on how to take away some of the stress and clutter from your office.

Online, workshops & trainings

We are skilled at providing in-person workshops, virtual consulting and webinars focused on applying the KonMari method to your home, and to other areas of your life.  Contact us for more details on the special projects you have in mind. 


"The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming, not for the person we were in the past." 

- Marie Kondo