The konmari Method + Declutter DC

The founder of Declutter DC, Jenny Albertini, is Washington DC’s first certified organizer of the world renowned, highly effective KonMari Method of decluttering from Japan.  Marie Kondo had never before trained consultants outside of her home country in her methodology, until August 2016.  Jenny is one of less than 100 trainees worldwide who is participating in the certification process, and the only one based in the Nation’s Capital.

Although there are other organizing firms in the area, Declutter DC offers Jenny’s unique background as a global health professional and sociologist – she spent a decade moving around the world for diplomatic public health positions with the US government, and constantly had to reinvent her space, set up an organized home in a variety of conditions, and help others in her community do the same.  She understands the unique needs of the development, diplomatic and foreign service communities that call Washington DC home at various points in their careers.

Additionally, Jenny is now an active member of her Logan Circle community in Washington DC.  From the converted warehouse industrial style to the high price-per-square-footage angst (or pride?), she knows that city dwellers appreciate a high design aesthetic and a maximization of smaller spaces.  Services available through Declutter DC will enhance the natural beauty of the home while sparking joy for its inhabitants by eliminating the items that do not belong there and making it easy for the people to keep them tidy.

I thought my closet was very well organized. After all, it worked fairly ok everyday when I was choosing what to wear, although I suffered a daily dose of frustration due to the difficult access to certain garments in that space. I knew I needed to improve the organization and that’s where Jenny came in. She reorganized everything, patiently and with extreme care, listening to my needs and reshuffling the distribution of my closet and leaving it accessible, logically-organized and looking more polished than ever. I am very happy with the outcome, plus I got to edit my wardrobe and donate what I was not using thanks to Jenny’s gentle motivation!
— Rodrigo