I made the unlikely leap from working on Global Health programs in sub-Saharan Africa, to running DC’s most innovative and unique home organizing company. Sounds crazy, right? Once you get to know me…you’ll get it.


Beginning in 2001, I started working on International HIV/AIDS programs.  Although my jobs were extremely rewarding, they were also very emotionally draining and stressful—and I always viewed my home as that special refuge from the day-to-day grind.  I knew something was missing, but what?  As I moved from one country to another, I began to grow my passion for home organization and interior design by assisting newly relocated officials, advisors and friends set up their new homes in my spare time.

After moving to DC in 2011, I purchased a fabulous condo in the heart of DC’s Logan Circle.  Sure it was organized, but I was also holding on to hundreds of items accumulated during a lifetime of travel—and those items weighed me down literally and emotionally.  Two years ago, after reading Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” I committed to apply her techniques to my condo (and life!).  Her method for thanking all the mementos that we all hold onto unconsciously really spoke to me on a personal level.  After realizing that I wasn’t turning my back on the past by letting go, I found myself finally able to say goodbye to that which had been, unknowingly, preventing me from achieving the peace and calm that I deserved.

After years of helping friends plan for moves, design their spaces and set up new homes in different corners of the globe, I decided to offer my experience and expertise to the wider community. As the first DC-based KonMari consultant, I look forward to helping you minimize the stress in your life with a better foundation of joy in your home by offering this proven, holistic approach to organizing. Declutter DC’s time is now! Your time is now. Let’s clean up the capital, one home at a time.

with Marie kondo at our nyc training (august 2016)


My certificate from the konmari training program